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With more than 35 years’ experience in the Latin American market, we continue to offer a broad portfolio of cutting-edge software provided by developers from around the world. Our comprehensive  services make us much more than just a software  distributor, we work side by side with customers ensuring optimal implementation of the technologies we provide and supporting this process with specialized trainings, personalized support and consulting services in each of the application areas.

Coverage, target markets and participation:

Each brand and product is targeted to its specific market segment and in agreement with developer’s policies we design and carry out marketing and sales activities to broaden our reach and obtain the highest results. We work hard to increase market participation and presence of your products and to position them as the leading software in the region.

Close and permanent contact with our end users

We generate product awareness and fresh demand through webcasts, workshops, symposiums, conventions, and product presentations; demonstrating to potential users that the solutions we provide help them optimize their professional performance.

License renewals, maintenance and upgrades

License renewals, maintenance and upgradesTo optimize professional performance of our current users and keep them up to date about latest versions and product functionality, we offer permanent access to our courses, videos, and instructors. In return we ensure the best use of the solutions we offer and increase license demand.With our automated maintenance and upgrade system along with our dedicated sales team, license administrators have peace of mind knowing we will remind them about renewals and software upgrades.

Meet our customers

With our broad regional coverage we have customers from all economic sectors, such as: academic, government and corporate institutions including finance, mining, health, oil and gas, electricity production and distribution, etc., as well as individual users and a regional network of local resellers

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje- Sena
Universidad Diego Portales - UDP - Academic

And many many more

Robust database.

With our own internally developed CRM software, we support our operations through a highly custom software solution. This software is designed specifically to host our large database of customers as well as their specific interests , track their software licensing, keep them notified about their maintenance requirements, upgrade options and offer them specialized free and paid training opportunities to improve their professional performance.

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Content marketing.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in the Latin American market, we constantly develop specific content that is aimed at satisfying customer needs and requirements. Our qualified Spanish speaking team of experts produces all this content in our markets preferred language.

We support ourselves on telemarketing, social media and email marketing to keep constant contact with our users. This permanent communication allows us to identify key customers and leaders across different segments which in turn become success stories and are taken as reference for new customers.

Comprehensive pre/after sales support services

With our highly qualified Sales Team we bring forward an advisory-based sales model that covers the different stages of implementation. We offer support to customers to help them make better decisions based on their needs and guaranteeing successful implementations.

Regarding tech support, our First Level Support in Spanish covers installation, licensing and software deployment issues. Our Second Level Support is provided by our team of experts also in Spanish and is related to the functionality and best use of the software by end users. Rarely when these initial two stages can not solve a specific problem do we support ourselves on a third level of support contacting our vendors but always with support staff beside our customer.

These Vendors have entrusted the Latin American market to us

Meet some of our vendors. We are trusted by leading developers and vendors from around the world.

Grow your market in Latin America with us!

Very important vendors partner with us


"Software Shop has been an authorized distributor for StataCorp since 2003. Not only do they provide sales support, but they also offer training, webinars, and technical support to our Stata users in LATAM. The Software Shop team is consistently responsive and direct."

QSR International

"Through Software shop, QSR International’s market share within the region has grown by 17%.
Having worked with Software shop for over a decade we have achieved increased revenue of 6% year over year.
Software Shop has supported our customer base in their region by not only understanding the customer and their business but also by providing exceptional support and training that puts the needs of the customer first."

Real Options Valuation, Inc.

"Through Software Shop, Real Options Valuation´s market in the region has expanded greatly with a high level of in-house technical expertise.
Our experience has simple been exceptional. Software Shop is one of our most successful and best partners globally.
Our customers are pleased to have local expertise, technically savvy individuals located across Latin America, who understand their business and culture."

Exclusive Sales Executives at your service:

Our highly trained sales team becomes your sales team. In coordination with our general management, our purchasing department, our technical experts and our sales team, we develop a customized marketing and sales strategy for your product to ensure maximum market penetration and revenue for your software.

Nohora Villegas
Purchasing Manager
Magaly Montaña
Purchasing Assistant
Carolina Romero
Purchasing Assistant
Erika Paola Laitón
Quantitative portfolio
Product Manager
Clemencia Navarro
Technical Director - Training and Consulting
Product Manager
Gerson Cruz
Scientific portfolio
Product Manager
Sabina Martínez Montoya
Qualitative portfolio
Product Manager
Daniela Suárez Valenzuela
MAXQDA Product Manager
Product Manager
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